Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Paper Flower Lamp

The other day I was at Michaels craft store and flipping through a magazine and saw this really cute idea for making an old lamp new and improved. I decided I wanted to try it out
So...I took the boring lampshade from my room and started crafting on it.

All you need is:
-heavyweight drawing paper
-a glue gun
-a lampshade that needs some spiffing up

To make the paper flowers all you have to do is draw a circled swirl and cut it out.

They don't have to be perfect swirls but you should try to draw all your swirls around the same size, so the flowers don't turn out in awkwardly different sizes. It took me a few tries to get the size I wanted.

Then you just roll the paper swirl from the outside to the inside tightly

As you get to the inside of the swirl it gets harder to roll and you can cut it off, but it just depends on your preference. 

After the swirl is rolled up you release it very slowly so that the flower spreads out. When it spreads out to the desired size hot glue the side of paper flower together. Then put lots of hot glue on the back and attach to lampshade. You should probably hold it on the lampshade for a few mins. so the glue has time to bond. It should look like this.

And then you will have a finished product that looks like this:

TA-DAH! A New Lamp at $0

Have fun crafting! And don't forget to enter the give-away for a free hat from our shop. 

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