Thursday, September 29, 2011

Pinterest Thursday!

Every Thursday we will be doing a post devoted to help us take an inspiration from Pinterest and put it to good use.

This week is my turn.

My latest Pinterest completion was sewing a tote bag for Aidan to take to preschool. He needed a bag that would fit his folder and his little Elmo backpack wasn't quite cutting it.

I took him to pick out fabric and this is what we chose (I say we because he really wanted Cars fabric, but I just really couldn't indulge him on that one).


The completed project

It was fairly simple to follow the tutorial. I say this, but have to admit that my basic sewing skills cause me all kinds of grief when working on projects. I had several ridiculous mishaps figuring this one out, but when all said and done I could whip another one up in no time at all. It is reversible too!

So, what is Pinterest inspiring you to do?

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