Monday, November 21, 2011

Tutorial: Fabric Covered Button Rings

 Okay, so this is super simple, and probably already being done, but I haven't seen a tutorial out there for this, so I'm just passing along my newfound fun with fabric buttons.

button making kit
adjustable ring
fabric you love
E-6000 glue (you can find this in craft section at Wal-mart)
or glue gun

If you have never made fabric covered buttons, it is very simple. I recommend going to Wal-mart and buying a button kit there. It should have everything you need. I have bought some at Hobby Lobby too, but I find the ones at Wal-mart to actually be better. However, I have yet only been able to find adjustable rings at Hobby Lobby. They are fairly inexpensive and often marked down 50%.

Here's how to do this project in 3 very simple steps:

 Cut a circle out of your fabric

 Follow button cover directions on package to make your button

 Use your glue of choice and attach the adjustable ring

Wear that ring!

This would make a very simple handmade gift for a friend, sister, coworker, etc... 

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