Monday, February 20, 2012

Quick Inspiration

My house is in great need of some decor and organization, but the budget is pretty tight right now so I'm having to get creative. 

I don't know about you, but things tend to pile up all other the place in our house: preschool papers, mail, calendars, sticker books, etc... I was getting kind of tired of it and wanted to purchase an elaborate shelving system to help with the problem. There really was nothing that I could find that was worth actually spending money on within my price range so I improvised for a bit. I found an old bookshelf that wasn't in use and brought it over next to our desk. I started piling things on it with the intent to make it look neater, but alas, this is how it looked most days:

 I finally decided to do something about the eyesore it was becoming and grabbed some fabric from my stash, cut it to the dimensions of the shelf, sewed it, and then found a tension rod lying  in my closet that was needing a home. Mission accomplished! Much better for now.

 Then I whipped up a quick pillow for my living room chair because the colors worked perfectly together.

Sometimes it is easy to add a little bit of "new" to your life without having to break the bank. My next project is to tackle my closet and start shopping my current wardrobe.

1 comment:

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