Thursday, January 26, 2012

Canvas Art

I have several plain white canvases that have been sitting around my house for awhile and I finally got some paints out and spent the evening having a little fun.

This image has been floating around Pinterest and I had it on one of my boards to make. I love the colors and the simple message.

Here's my recreation:

I did something a little different with the "berries?" and still probably need to add a little more to cover up the right side a little more, but I really like how it turned out. Painting words takes a lot of concentration and work, especially when doing it free hand. I think I need to invest in buying some stencils to make the process a little easier. Any thoughts?


  1. Stencils might help you, but freehand lettering is so in-style these days. It really ads a personal touch to something. Stencils can be cool though, and if it's worth it to save the trouble of doing it freehand then go for it. I love your version better though. The fat letters and even the imperfection of it adds so much more personality. Well done!